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2016 Standout Story

An exciting new year is upon us and we have some very big things coming! With that being said, many decisions have had to be made. First and foremost, we four have agreed that we are going to move forward without Chase on the drums, for a few reasons. Mainly there are some creative differences and professional differences that have been hindering us four from fulfilling our potential in this band. He will always be a part of the SOS family. In fact, SOS wouldn’t be where we’re at today if it weren’t for him and the Allen family. Chase is a very talented drummer and an even better guy. We hope you will all still support him in whatever projects or things he becomes involved with in the future. Best of luck to you brother!
As for the band in 2016, we are currently focusing on writing the best material that we’ve ever put out. We have already been in the studio recording our new single “Lost” and can’t wait for you guys to hear it! It rocks harder and is the most mature music we’ve ever wrote. We plan to have a new EP release by summer!!
We can’t thank you all enough for sticking with us through this crazy rock and roll journey. We can promise you that we are hitting this new year with everything we’ve got and putting our hearts and souls into these new tunes! Expect some teasers and release info coming soon! Once again thank you all for being part of our family! We’ll be seeing you soon! \m/ . . \m/
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Jan 13
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