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A New Beginning

Hey guys, Josh here.. First I would like to thank you for taking time to read this and catch up with us and for your support. It means the world to us, as a matter of fact, your support is the reason why we are going at this again…

If you are a new member of the SOS family, we welcome you and wish to tell you it is an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to meet and rock with you! For all of the dedicated SOS family, you all know how much this band has went through from lineup changes to personal things, basically all that can go wrong in a band haha.

As I mentioned earlier, yes we are going at this again. The current lineup now consists of Joe back on  the vocals as well as myself on guitar. Chase has joined the group again on drums as well as we welcome our newest member Mike Myer on the bass.

The band was coming to an end back in January. At that time it was Joe, myself, Ryan, and Keith in the lineup. We had a great run with this group as well as played our biggest show to date! It was an awesome time for the band and myself personally, but we couldn’t get things to work as a unit anymore. Through personal reasons and musical reasons, we started fading out from the Indy Scene. Joe went off to help support his family by joining RECOIL and I had to shift my focus from the band to finishing up my Master’s Degree. All the while we had Keith Albert on drums who was ready and willing to tour at the time when we couldn’t really make things work. Keith and I racked our brains at finding another frontman for the band but it just wasn’t the same without Joe. Ryan was shifting his focus as well to his family and his career..

Things were just kind of fizzing away and I hated seeing that after all of the blood sweat and tears were shed over the years from all of us. I was literally one click away from deleting the Standout Story Facebook and ending the band for GOOD. Keith and myself had ideas of starting a different hard rock project (keep an eye out next year!) and still have ideas in the works. Again Standout Story was done, but I decided that the SOS family deserved better than the way we ended things. All of your hard earned money and time spent on us is why we’re back.

It was clear to me that if Standout Story was going to carry on, the lineup had to be the one that won Indy’s Nextup and the momentum we had from that era. Joe, Ryan, Chase, and myself. I began making the phone calls and everyone was on board at first. As we began getting the ball rolling, life happened once again. Ryan decided to step down from the band to focus on his life and family. It has been very difficult for me personally as well as the band and I know many of you will miss him up there rocking out with us. He will always be a part of this band and we support him 100% as he pursues his career and everything else that he will set out to do. I love you brother!

If you’re still reading this.. well .. thank you ! Haha I felt like people needed an explanation for all of the things that happened and this is more of an inside look at things. Again, being in a band is much like a marriage and things happen between people and people’s interests change, but we all support each other no matter what. I hope you (the SOS family) understands everything and can continue to support us as well as all of the past SOS members albeit we’ve had quite a few haha. Thank you to Keith Albert for your time served in the band and most importantly thank you Ryan Parks for everything brother! Much love guys!

With all of that being said, it is a very exciting time for the band as we have the momentum back and already are booking at some of the biggest and best venues in the state. We’re writing more new music now than we ever have. It was a good break for the band and we’re ready to kick some ass again! We hope you will welcome our new brother Mike Myer into the SOS family. Come see us at the Vogue Theatre on Friday the 13th for a Halloween costume party/big benefit show for the hurricane victims!

We love to hear from our fans! Feel free to drop us an email at standoutstory@gmail.com

We don’t know what the future will hold for us, but we do know that we can’t wait to rock with all of you guys again! \m/


Again, thank you for your patience and support. Love you guys!!!

- Josh

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Sep 25
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