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  • Samar Says:

    Hmm I’m confused now. I sing and have been siginng for a few months. I sing stuff like shinedown, as well as a lot of other rock/country. I was told by someone that I was pulling up too much in chest and my range stops. So he told me I needed to sing with an open throat, but are you saying it is only applicable for classical? I have a good chest voice range but when I go up into head voice, I can’t even access it and I squeak out into a weird falsetto. (I have an acoustic cover on here) HELP!

  • Ishrat Says:

    Tim thank you so much! I studied voice grduaating from the Conservatory of Music in my country. I’ve have had problems since trying to just plainly recuperate my healthy vibrato voice. I know it’s all about the free voice . Since I’ve been singing other popular styles I’ve had to alter my technique, sometimes too much I guess. This video has helped me a great deal. I watched about 8 other videos prior to finding yours and finding someone who actually made professional sense.Thanks again!

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