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It’s 2018 and it’s time for Standout Story to be heard. This dynamic Alt-Rock quintet bridges the gap of the great classic guitar driven rock with the modern pop anthems of today. SOS is known for their very high energetic live shows featuring soaring guitar solos, hard-hitting drums, and in your face bass tones all the while led by an award-winning frontman.

Coming off of sharing stages with 30 Seconds to Mars, Panic! At the Disco, Blue October and many more, the band just released their long-awaited EP “WAVES”. Consisting of songs and sounds of every genre mixed into the musical blender that is SOS, this unique experience is one that rock fans have been waiting for. Catch them for yourself this year and see what everyone is talking about.

Also be sure to check out the band’s previous releases The “Let Me Go” EP, “Standout Story” EP and the single “Mainstream Radio” available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online stores.



Standout Story is proudly sponsored by COLDCOCK Whiskey, HollowHEART Clothing, and PickWorld Guitar Picks.

Standout Story is:

Joe Miller-Vocals

Josh Hurt-Guitar

Ryan Parks-Bass

Mike Myer-Guitar

Chase Allen-Drums

What People Are Saying About Standout Story:


“It’s like New Found Glory met Yellowcard… they jump in a blender and out came Standout Story. The vocals are well developed, the instrumentals are scratchy enough to pull off punk, and there is an empty stage on Warped Tour waiting for these guys. And who writes those lyrics? Who cares? They fit. They fit the sound and they fit the scene. This is a band that I dare not to succeed.” – Ricky Potts

“Standout Story stands out as one of the hottest young bands I’ve heard. Great songs, a fresh sound and a killer show that will make you want more.” – Alan Johnson, producer/engineer at Static Shack Recording Studio


Standout Story is Indy’s NextUp band

Indy’s NextUp article by Wade Coggeshall

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